Rainbow Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl Set

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Tune Your Energy Centers
With Harmonious Crystal Vibrations

Crystal Singing Bowls are a new twist on a ancient tradition. The original metal singing bowls first originated in Asia, and some scholars believe that they are a derivation of the ancient Buddhist begging or alms bowl from over 2500 years ago. In the Tibetan oral tradition, they are described as instruments of meditation. 

Modern Crystal Singing Bowls are made with intricate crafting process which makes them strong and incredibly resonant. They are made of the purest quartz available. (99.99% pure). Crystal Bowls produce a powerful, pure resonance which must be heard to be believed! 

These Rainbow Colored Crystal Singing Bowls are tuned to the notes of the seven chakras. By playing the bowls we can tune and balance our chakras to promote health, emotional well-being, and harmoniously balanced energy states.

General Info: Set of quartz crystal singing bowls (all  approx. 10 inch diameter)
Weight (kg): 34
Tones: 7 notes ( C D E F G A B)
Material: 99.99% PURE QUARTZ CRYSTAL 
Color: Colored Frosted
Chakra: All 
Accessories: Free mallet,O-ring and Brochure included
Distribution: Fast shipping from USA mailing center