Sri Yantra Locket Pendant

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The OM Mantra or "AUM" is an ancient and powerful Sanskrit sacred seed sound. The Sri Yantra is the visual expression of the AUM vibration--which is said to be the fundamental sound of universal creation.   

Resonate with the Sri Yantra to enhance whatever you want to create in your life-- enhanced positive energy, inspiration, expanded consciousness, and the fulfillment of desires. Meditating on the AUM and the Sri Yantra can open the gateway to abundance on all levels!

If you would like to bring the blessings of this powerful symbol into your life, these custom Sri Yantra  Locket Pendants are a MUST HAVE! Crafted with premium high quality material!  

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Pendant Details :
Material: glass & alloy with high quality image of the yantra. 
Color: as pictured.
Chain Length: 23.62 inches / 60 cm. 
Pendant Size: Diameter is 1.26 inch / 3.2mm.

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